Sex Toys and Demon Possession

A young man only sent me an e-mail showing me of what he has been going right on through because he received a intercourse doll. He’s being tormented by demon spirits. He is irritated, lost his work, has no wife, etc. I felt his strong frustration instantly and had to counsel and hope with him on movie contact that Saturday morning. His using sex toys, seeing pornography exposed the doorway for challenges and intercourse tones to pain and frustrate him. Maybe,

we have to listen to him right before we proceed, “I ordered a intercourse doll… After having a time period I started having crazy attacks from demonic spirits on my body… I’m pain from evil tones within my  realistic sex doll. It thinks such as a burning radiating and tormenting feeling that is attacking my body. There are spirits going in my organs and feelings of energies and pain moving around my neck, chest, and my back. This really is really poor because I came to the Lord Jesus crying to Him over masturbation and pornography addictions. I could end primarily for several years, but I would give in to masturbation several times… I continued to view adult and masturbate. I never felt the presence of the Sacred Heart again… I missing my work and the torment and suffering was therefore bad that I really could perhaps not work. I do not have been romantic with a woman… I have not been able to really have a effective resilient relationship. So never near being married. Around and once again economically I have been robbed and cursed… I noticed sounds occasionally too. I couldn’t recognize who the style was coming from. I just reward Almighty God for the surprise of life right now. People over in the U.S are really bad about knowing how to proceed as it pertains to supporting somebody with tormenting spirits in their body. They are usually anxious that when they tried something it might get worse. They don’t need the responsibility.” My God!

Intercourse games, dolls, masturbation, pornography and immorality attract intercourse demons. And you already know just that many of these intercourse spirits are extremely hostile, envious, difficult and wicked. They make sure that they anger, keep in chains and fully destroy their victims. Go through the string of issues for this brother – demonic episodes, pains, torments and unusual activities, loss of work, nearly homeless, loss of curiosity and regular connection, odd voices and deeper and dirtier hooking to masturbation and pornography, etc. Jesus Christ! No wonder, the man began his send to me having an get from my article Intercourse Games: Good or Bad? There I noticed that, “The bible said that those that crave for this type of delight outside the can of God are dead. Strolling corpses! Not totally all gratifying methods are permitted.” And that’s correct. Please, is anyone going right on through all the above mentioned issues nothing like a strolling corpse? Inform me. You can’t misuse sex and maybe not battle with intercourse demons. And you can’t wrestle with these effective dirty spirits and however have peace spiritually, emotionally and physically. They will certain wreck you. Today, imagine what an incredible number of consumers of the sex toys, toys and objects are getting through every day. They battle with one of these dirty hidden beings secretly.

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